Moccasins You Don’t Have to Tie

moccasins you dont have to tie

Moccasins You Don’t Have To Tie

Are you sick of always having to reach down and have to re-tie your moccasins constantly? Well, there are a few ways to get around that problem.  There are some styles, both men’s and women’s that are made without ties.  This eliminates your problem of tripping over those darn laces all the time.

Here are some of the Women’s Moccasins that you don’t have to worry about having to tie:

Women’s Moccasins:

Minnetonka Sheepskin Mule

womens moccasins you don't have to tie

Golden Tan, $62.95

The ultimate slip-on slipper for warmth and comfort. Fully lined with sheepskin for the ultimate warmth yet still breathable. This is the go-to slipper for hanging around the house in.

Minnetonka Tahoe

minnetonka tahoe slip on moccasin 40135

Grey, $44.95

Flecked Sweater Kint and Suede upper makes up this stylish new slipper.  Part of the brand new Home & Away line for this Fall, this slip-on will follow you wherever you need to go.  The fur lining will keep you warm while the contoured footbed will keep you comfortable.

Minnetonka Tempe

Cinnamon, $49.95

This is the newest moccasin you don’t have to tie. Slip it on and go, also from the new line, this heavy-duty sole was made to be worn outside. It will last you countless dog walks or trips to the store.

Minnetonka Tucson

Minnetonka 40111

Need something warm to throw on before heading out the door, if so, this might be your best choice.  No dealing with laces while trying to put on this boot.  Easy to get on and off and it will keep you warm the entire time.

Men’s Moccasins:

Minnetonka Tilden

moccasins you don't have to tie

Grey, $49.95

The new moccasin from the Home & Away collection.  The perfect moccasin for slipping on to run to the store or to check on the meat grilling outside.  Heavy-duty rubber sole that won’t wear down with outdoor use.

Minnetonka Twin Gore Front

Cinnamon, $67.95

Another moccasin you don’t have to tie.  Don’t worry about the laces coming undone on this sheepskin slipper.  The sheepskin keeps your feet warm but not sweaty as sheepskin is known for being breathable. Elastic bands keep it from flopping around and limits slipping on your heels.

Minnetonka Romeo

mens slippers romeo chocolate 3928

Chocolate, $45.95

The Twin gore fronts little brother. This pile lined slip-on is great for if you want some flexibility in your color choice. Thick rubber sole allows you to wear this inside or out without having to worry about wearing down the sole.

Minnetonka Sheepskin Boot

mens slippers sheepskin ankle boot tan 3751

Golden Tan, $72.95

If you have cold feet this will make that a thing of the past. Fully lined sheepskin inside makes it the warmest slipper available.  You can choose to flip up the sides for more warmth or keep them down.

Minnetonka Taylor

Minnetonka Taylor slip on 41012

Chocolate, $44.95

Another addition from the Home & Away line.  This is the easiest slipper for men to slip on and off quickly.  Wear it all over the house or keep it by the door for quick runs outside.  Don’t worry the fur lining will keep your feet warm the whole time.

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