Blundstone has been manufacturing high quality ankle boots made from premium leathers since 1870. They’re known for the traditional Chelsea boot and chukka boot styling. Blundstone is an Australian footwear company based in Hobart, Tasmania with deep rooted family values.

These boots are loved by everyone from everyday workers to people seeking adventure and functional fashion wearers.

These are also known as “Blunnies” with their no-nonsense leather uppers and elasticated sides creating a classic Chelsea boot look. They also make Wellies, men’s and women’s lace up safety footwear, school shoes, and heavy-duty industrial boots.

Brand History

They currently source their manufacturing from Vietnam, India and China with their own personnel ensuring the brands stringent quality standards are followed and as a result of this they are a Quality Endorsed Company to ISO9001. They have far from abandoned their native roots however and they still manufacture upwards of 200,000 pairs of gumboots at their Tasmanian factory.

Celebrities who wear Blundstones

  • Kate Middleton wears the Blundstone 1609 Chelsea Boots in Antique Brown Leather.
  • David Beckham wears the Blundstone 1306 Chelsea Boots
  • Brad Pitt wears the Blundstone 1306 Chelsea Boots